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Bluetooth Remote + Camera Stand

For iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

·Easy-to-use Bluetooth remote puts you back in the group shot when snapping photos
·Powerful Free App allows you to edit photos and send to friends via Facebook, SMS, Twitter and Email
·Tough Mount Tripod holds your iPhone or iPod Touch securely in place to get the perfect shot

Effects+easy sharing
Free Clickstik App includes the ability to add photo filters,frames,text,stamps,write maessages and easily send photos to your friends via Facebook,SMS,Twitter and E-mail

Capture it all from 30ft away

ClickStik Bluetooth remote is operaional up to 30 feet away


Free download

The ClickStik App is a powerful photo editing tool that enables you to manually edit your photos in lots of cool ways and send them to your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. With a variety of stamps, pens, frames and more, capturing and sending photos has never been so fun. 


Dexim’s ClickStik Bluetooth remote for iPhone and iPod touch camera stand will come in handy right out of the box for the holidays.

Just pair the devices via Bluetooth, connect it to the tripod, and you can not only take the photo but also be in it by using the shutter-release button from up to 30 feet away.

A free ClickStik app controls the digital photos and also gives you the option for a direct upload to social media. The app also lets you add text messages or photo filters to the images before uploading.